Clay Boykin podcast

Clay Boykin is a life coach, initiator of the Men’s Fellowship Network and author of Circles of Men (2018).

Clay Boykin (USA) invited me for his podcast to discuss my new album and my experiences with men’s work.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with him and his producer Dennis Tardan. Topics ranged from compassion, fatherhood, men’s circles and music to privilege, power structures and the social enterprises I work for.

Quite an honour to be the guest on this podcast that in the US is ranked #4 out of over 300 podcasts for men.

And also new to be in the position where I share (to a certain extent) about the goings on in the men’s circle. Although no names are mentioned, men can still recognise themselves in what I share. When I connected to these men about this it turned out not to be an issue with them at all, so we didn’t need to leave anything out.